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Iconic Ceramic company started as an Exporter and manufacturer of different tiles. Since its existence in the industry, it has gained a high reputation for world-class quality and excellent customer service.

The manufacturing unit in the company is equipped with all the modern technology that leads to zero human error and intense automation. With this, Iconic Ceramic has emerged at the most trusted brand in the tile industry.


The company takes pride in the well qualified and experienced directors on board viz. Their proficiency in business management and years of experience and knowledge of ceramic industry is an asset to the company. Company has increased its production capacity, widened the product range.

  • beyond your imagination.
  • Be it technology, research, design or quality
  • Our design comprises both innovation and exclusivity.

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The habit of cloning oneself has seeped the tile market so badly that creative ideas are hard to find. Original and practical creative ideas can be your ladder to success.


Innovation is one key aspect of the business which ensures success even in the toughest times. When you innovate new technologies the steps to success automatically form for you.


We at Iconic Ceramic understand the importance of design and quality designers. We, therefore, have invested our resources in finding and hiring the best talent available in the industry.